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Recruitment process all the way from A to Z

We make the announcement and publishing it on the Internet, lead the first interviews, get feedback from previous employers, evaluate competences of the candidate and prepare them for further discussions and interviews between client and candidate. After recruitment of the candidate, we provide helpful tips, to help adapt to new job.

100% guaranteed recruitment

In 97% of cases, we find perfectly suitable candidates for any job, from secretaries to senior executives. We provide a 6-month warranty, helping both parties to work together as efficiently as possible.. In case of misunderstanding or professional impropriety of the candidate, we will find a new candidate without additional remuneration, having analyzed the reason for the previous failure.

Private applicant database

27 years of activity in the field of recruitment has allowed us to accumulate a contact database that is not available elsewhere and includes experts from various sectors and different levels. This information is very valuable for estimation of the possible employee.

Competence evaluation

Adros Baltija psychologists and recruitment experts use the exact methodology of employee recruitment to complement your team with motivated and qualified opinion allies. We are able to determine the professional suitability of a potential employee and all possible risks associated with his or her personal qualities with a reliability of 85%.

Information for faster communication:

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Adros Baltija is a full-service recruiting and training company that has been operating successfully for over 27 years.
66 Augusta Deglava Street, Ofc 604, 
"Deglavas Biroji", Riga, Latvia, LV-1035