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How does selection work?

Both international experience and researches show that independent search of employees takes too much time; it is expensive and less effective than recruitment conducted in cooperation with a professional recruitment company. Trying to search for the candidates by themselves a lot of managers spend too much time and money, facing disappointment, and, as a result, they start again from the zero point in searching ‘their’ employees.

We present our Client only the best candidates:

  • Every day we conduct up to 15 interviews
  • We select CVs from our own closed database
  • We maintain the informal contacts, organize meetings with the candidates

Information for faster communication:

Get special offers by email!

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Adros Baltija is a full-service recruiting and training company that has been operating successfully for over 27 years.
66 Augusta Deglava Street, Ofc 604, 
"Deglavas Biroji", Riga, Latvia, LV-1035