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Career Coaching

The result of career coaching is the acquisition of the desired work and a higher salary

Career coaches will help you when you are looking for a new job, want to get a "dream" job, often go to job interviews and get refusals or want to raise your salary in the workplace.

Career Coaching consists of four consultations, during which you will:

  • Define your position in the labour market;
  • Be able to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Compile a summary of professional work experience;
  • Learn to successfully participate in job negotiations;
  • Get the job you want with the desired salary.

First consultation

During your first appointment, you will determine your position in the labour market, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as an employee. Adros Baltija experts will evaluate the summary of your work experience and give recommendations on how to improve it. After the first meeting, you will receive two home works.

Second consultation

At the second meeting, you will create a professional summary of your work experience, determine your desired job, position, duties, salary level, watch a video course on how to participate in a job interview. After the second meeting, you will receive two home works.

Third consultation

At the third meeting, you will take part in the real job interview, understand how to answer the employer's questions, what information about yourself can be told and what not, you will receive recommendations about the style of clothing and methods for preparing internally for a successful job interview. After the third meeting, you will receive two home works.

Fourth consultation

At the fourth meeting, you will define the list of companies in which you want to work, find direct contact with the employer, receive recommendations for self-presentation skills training, and the ability to successfully participate in job interviews. After the fourth meeting you will get one homework.

You will be able to receive our experts’ support and advice by telephone or by email. The summary of your work experience will be placed in a private database of Adros Baltija, and you will receive regular information on interesting job offers from Adros Baltija recruitment professionals.

Information for faster communication:

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Adros Baltija is a full-service recruiting and training company that has been operating successfully for over 27 years.
66 Augusta Deglava Street, Ofc 604, 
"Deglavas Biroji", Riga, Latvia, LV-1035