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Personnel evaluation

Personnel evaluation is required if:

  • It is important to choose the best candidate;
  • You want the company to operate more efficiently;
  • It is worth considering the relevance of existing employees to the positions;
  • It is necessary to dentify potential and motivation.

We rely on the world-proven Cattell 16 personality factor method

A detailed survey is conducted under the guidance of a professional psychologists - a questionnaire with 187 questions focuses on in-depth study of the candidate

Individual interviews and job situation role plays

The evaluation also helps in cases where there is a need to reduce the number of employees, to understand who is weakest in the team, or if the employee needs to be redeployed, first by assuming if he or she will be able to cope with the new responsibilities.

The evaluation involves a number of experts, which eliminates the possibility of unilateral evaluation.

Let the best work for you

As a result of the evaluation, an exhaustive description of the psychological and professional qualifications is created for the candidate, as well as a forecast of the ability to successfully accomplish various tasks individually and in team and group. The probability of negative actions and various risks are also evaluated. The test's reliability is 85% - a high score under all criteria.

К оплате (без НДС)

You can pay a fee for one or more persons and download a PDF bank slip.

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