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About Adros Baltija

For 27 years Adros Baltija company is dealing with staff education and recruitment and also provides advisory service on working efficiency increase. Adros Baltija is now one of the leading company in the industry of staff recruitment and education thanks to our longstanding experience, great client portfolio and professional skills of our trainers.

Adros Baltija success story

The history of Adros Baltija Ltd. started in 1994, when few, young and bright minds understood that they are interested in consulting business - particularly in the field of staff recruitment and HR. During the first stages there was almost no experience in recruiting, just a great desire to work together with people and develop their skills. If you want something really bad, you will make it happen. So in 1996 first team of Adros Baltija Ltd. established the company.

The effectiveness of our work – 97%

Our Clients have 100% guarantee of positive result when we recruit the staff. We’re self-critical but we can claim proudly that the effectiveness of our work (the ratio between started and finished projects) was 97% in 2006, 90% in 2007, 90% in 2008, 75% in 2009, 84% in 2010, 79% in 2011, 84% in 2012, 92% in 2013.

In most cases, we hired 2 employees instead of 1 person.

Our mission is

To recruit and educate staff in order to achieve the best results.

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Adros Baltija is a full-service recruiting and training company that has been operating successfully for over 27 years.
66 Augusta Deglava Street, Ofc 604, 
"Deglavas Biroji", Riga, Latvia, LV-1035