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Client Testimonials

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You may feel interested in Adros Baltija's statistics:

  • We have trained 12228 people, of whom 1052 were company executives;
  • We have provided consulting for 214 companies in relation to staff development issues;
  • We have helped to select 1182 employees, of which 262were on leading positions;
  • The efficiency of projects launched and successfully completed by our staff reaches 97%.

The most popular course in Adros Baltija is "Sales Academy". At the moment, already the tenth consecutive academy will be held, with 98 sales assistants having successfully visited it.

Adros Baltija successfully operates not only in Latvia but also in the Baltic States as well as in Russia, showing that intelligence and knowledge are the export goods of our country.

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Adros Baltija is a full-service recruiting and training company that has been operating successfully for over 25 years.
66 Augusta Deglava Street, Ofc 604, 
"Deglavas Biroji", Riga, Latvia, LV-1035