Training Program

The most valuable sales training is the one that teaches you to sell better and right now. However, when return to work, the seller faces the "old order" that stimulates not to use the new one. To avoid this, longer and more systematic work on sales growth performance is needed. Therefore, we give you an opportunity to study at the Sales Academy!

How will you manage to achieve much more with the Sales Academy?

  • Every Tuesday during 3 hours, students are trained by professional coach Alexey Saveljev (Adros Baltija, Ltd.) from 15:00 to 18:00. There are 20 consecutive lessons;
  • Each lesson has its own subject, practical exercises and homework to strengthen skills for their use in life/work;
  • Upon completion of the Academy with a successful exam, you receive a certificate proving your professionalism on the market + enjoy the results already achieved in your sales reports!
  • Apply for this program now and refine your sales skills with the representatives of leading brands on the market!

Topics and time schedule

  1. Preparing for sale 
  2. Customer search and research 
  3. Practice in customer's potential research (training) 
  4. TV-marketing, sale by phone 
  5. Effective meeting arrangement by phone 
  6. Practice in “Cold” Calls 
  7. First contact with the customer
  8. Establishing a contact within 2 minutes
  9. Detection of customer’s needs 
  10. Questioning techniques 
  11. Questioning practice
  12. Presentation of an offer 
  13. Advantage transfer technique 
  14. Argumentation methods 
  15. Dealing with customer's objections 
  16. Positive self-differentiation from competitors 
  17. Sales tricks 
  18. Master class in expensive sales 
  19. Sales Psychology and Communication 
  20. Sales duel, awards, certificates, banquet (

Alexey Saveliev

CEO of Adros Baltija, for over 27 years is implementing staff recruitment and training projects for Latvian and foreign companies; certified psychologist, master of arts. Alexei graduated from Disney Institute, Florida, USA.


Alexey Saveliev