Training Program

This seminar is devoted to acquiring and practical application of mental technologies that have been used for centuries by the people of Israel to develop thinking, manifestations of hidden resources both in the inner world of a human and in the surrounding reality.

It is these fundamental principles of perception of reality, these mental technologies that enabled the people of Israel to maintain their identity, cultural and spiritual heritage even in the situation of expulsion and Holocaust, to preserve and multiply it for more than 5000 years!

It is these mental technologies that created geniuses for centuries, helped to solve effectively super-complex tasks, and finally allowed the young state of Israel to achieve economic prosperity in just a few decades without having any natural resources, surrounded by hostile countries. How do they do it? We will receive answers at the workshop.

DAY ONE - INTRODUCTION. Total duration - from 10:00 to 20:00 (blocks of two hours with coffee breaks and a break for lunch)  

  • Acquaintance and study of the specifics of the participants' request.
  • Defining deficit paradigms by participants
  • Identification of areas of thought that are hindering effective development, which are the most important for working out. Persuasion philosophy

After lunch – a theoretical block: "Abundant thinking in the paradigm of Israel"

  • Studying the concept of "abundant thinking" among participants.
  • The theoretical block, where Leah Vedensky will tell what "abundant thinking" is in the paradigm of Israel, what fundamental ideas and principles underlie this phenomenon, will give the most interesting examples and cases of practical application of abundant thinking technologies.

DAY TWO - WORKSHOP.  Total duration - from 10:00 to 20:00 (blocks of two hours with coffee breaks and a break for lunch)

  • Practical work in subgroups where participants learn to use the technologies of "abundant thinking" in order to learn how to extract a resource from what we deny or even hate in ourselves and others.

Principle of Israel: "The greatest light is revealed in the darkest places"

  • The second part of the workshop is devoted to the issue how to apply the technologies of "abundant thinking" in business, professional activities, personal life, relationships and upbringing of children (here we will make special emphasis on some areas, depending on the participants' request) 

What you will learn

  1. Participants will master the practical skills of transition from a deficit paradigm of thinking to the proficient (abundant) paradigm of thinking, completely changing their perceptions
  2. Learn to rise to higher levels of thinking, which at times increases the efficiency and performance of activities
  3. Learn the skills of in-depth analysis of what is happening with Israel mental approaches
  4. Learn to see themselves and others under a completely new angle, allowing you to disclose resources where they absent at first sight
  5. Acquire a centuries-proven tool, which is useful and effective in various spheres of life: personal development management, business management, personnel management, improving and enhancing the quality of relations with neighbors and children.

Training audience

These are businessmen, entrepreneurs, corporate managers, HR managers and experts (selection and management of personnel), managers and experts in marketing and sales, people who want to learn how to see hidden resources instead of flaws and limitations in themselves and the world around; to see and know how to reveal them. 

Lea Wedensky

Lea is an Israeli scientist. She's engaged in research in the field of human thinking, the linguistic space of the individual, the phenomenon of "human genius". She's the author of methodics for studying the structure of personality and thinking, evaluating and recruiting management personnel. She's practicing psychologist with more than 25 years of experience, specialist in the field of corporate culture and ideology, management and personnel development. Evaluates top managers for international companies. Took part in the recruitment and evaluation of personnel for the Olympics in Sochi. Lea's Facebook page:

Lea Wedensky